This brand was developed for an artist development company that I was a partner in. When you introduce multiple puddles of mercury to each other they merge themselves into something that is a sum of their total parts and none of the individual puddles can be singled out from the whole. The same held true with the idea that we were bringing musically creative people together to become something bigger than themselves.  The sauce part of the name came from the idea that sauces are usually made up of secret ingredients and are used to add flavor and spice things up. Again this results in something that is made better than it was originally. We were introducing young up-and-coming artists to our secret sauce which resulted in them becoming something better. 

In developing the logo I decided to use a 3-D technology called Meta-Balls to model the M. Meta-Balls allow for their proximity area of effect to be set which determines the distance at which they interact with other Meta-Balls. The results are very similar to mercury. The Green color came from the idea of 'green lighting' a project. It was a way to represent the opportunity that we were providing to the young artists.