New Citizens


This brand was difficult because the vision of the client wasn't clear. They wanted something modern that subtly emphasized the idea of a 'new citizen'. 

Sticking with a clean, thin font was the beginning. I incorporated the outer grey circle to represent the constant changing of opinion and perspective. The two colored circles represent the opposing viewpoints circling around the center point of the logo, which could represent all things un-judged. The green circle, which represents the 'old citizens', is slightly larger representing the feeling of the client that there are too many people clinging to old ways of thinking. While the blue circle, representing the 'new citizens', is smaller indicating that there is a need for people to change their thinking so that the smaller dot can become larger. The blue 'citizens' was an attempt to illustrate the client's alignment with the 'new' way of thinking without being too blatant about it.

There were many discussions regarding the client's desire to broadcast their stance on the topic, while putting out a site that attempted to encourage the collection of non judgmental opinions. In the end the client wasn't really interested in encouraging discussion and individual opinion, but was more interested in finding a way to subtly push their own personal agendas. 

This project was disappointing to me because the concept, if allowed to be neutral, could have been an interesting social experiment that could have yielded some truly insightful data.  Sometimes a project ends up being just a job.