Personal Logo


If there is one thing that I dislike about design, it has to be when I have to do for my own brand(s).  I find that I am the worst at taking my own advice. I know what should be done, yet for some reason I don't follow my own proven methods. I know way too much about myself, which complicates my own objectives when designing. I always seem to want my own designs to represent everything that I am, and I tend to over design for myself which results in my not being happy with the results. 

Over the years I have re-branded myself in many different ways, for many different reasons, and with many different goals in mind. With my personal photography brand I had to make a conscious effort to maintain its simplicity, and had to constantly remind myself of what I hoped to accomplish. My ultimate goal was a simple mark and type treatment that could be used in various configurations as well as being able to stand up in more abstract implementations.  I wanted something that represented my initials JC and I wanted it to feel like it was supposed to be an obvious representation of something without really being anything. 

I ended up combining the letters JC in a way that it felt like a person potentially holding a camera with the dot over the J appearing to be a head. I chose not to incorporate the same character shapes in the actual text of my name because I felt that it came across as too contrived. The resulting logo has grown on me and now serves as my personal brand as well as my photography brand.