Indie Genius Solutions


Indie Genius Solutions was an interesting challenge for me. They primarily provide Word Press template customization as well as some having some overlap in the services that I provide with 3lb. Solutions. With both company names having the word 'solutions' in the title was a bit odd at first because I would continuously compare the treatments that I was coming up with to the those of the brand that I created for my own company. 

I eventually decided to approach the logo from the other side and deal with the 'Indie Genius' portion of the design. I knew that they had an interest in having a stand alone mark that could be utilized in other collateral materials. I knew that they wanted to convey a sense of being modern and technical, but that they also wanted to not feel so high tech that they were not approachable. 

My solution for Indie Genius Solutions was to embed the i within the G and make them more rounded and soft. The integration of the i within the G also illustrated the concept of the Genius portion being larger, or broader than the mental image that the word indie, or independent, usually creates. 

The actual typographic solution for the full text was created by combining the best characters from multiple fonts in a way that it feels modern and technical, while not feeling so rigid or visually strict that it would put off, or intimidate, non technically minded people. The other goal for the full text was that it exist in a way that it can stand alone or be used in conjunction with the iG mark.