Eric Montoya


This project was interesting because I had never had the challenge of developing a brand for a politician before.

Eric came to me as a referral from another client of mine. He was starting his campaign for re-election and needed a solid brand to utilize during his campaign. I sat down and discussed his life, his goals, and his position in an attempt to discover what made him tick. Eric mentioned that he felt a strong connection to Thornton, the town that he was running in, that he was a Democrat, and that the initiatives that he was passionate about were more important than party affiliation to him.

My initial advice to Eric was to not align himself visually to any one party. There is a lot of distrust on both sides of politics and utilizing any traditional party symbols could potentially harm his chances. I thought that sticking with red, white, and blue would be a good idea.  I suggested that we tie in recognizable elements from the city of Thornton in order to emphasize his passion for the city, and that we stick to san-serrif fonts to keep the feeling of the logo more progressive.

The resulting logo incorporates an augmented version of the city of Thornton's logo with the red stripes representing the USA flag as well as allowing the red and blue to represent a bipartisan approach to city government. It also ties the Thornton logo directly into Eric's last name to show his passion for being an integral part of the city.