Brightview Analytics


Projects like this one are always fun for me because I was approached by my client with a business concept that had yet to be named. I enjoy the brainstorming process when the sky is the limit with regards to possible company names. 

My client described the business as a SAS company providing advanced analytics of data gathered by school districts for the sake of bettering school districts, schools, and ultimately improving the level and quality of education that the students received. 

After several pages of name concepts I zeroed in on Bright and View as being a good compound combination that represented a brighter future through the viewing of the data. Coincidentally Brightview also represented the forecasting of a bright outlook on the future. 

From there the requirements were to provide a design for the brand that felt technological, competent, and established. 

The font used borders on one that would be utilized for science fiction titling, however the result ended up conveying the feel of the future more than sci-fi. The hexagon structure represents the coupling of data from multiple sources with the blue outline representing the idea of bringing focus to a particular data set.