Amplify Video


This project went through several iterations and was ultimately never implemented. 

The genesis of this project was the re-organization of the team that was working on the Amplify Video project at Caption Colorado. The initial logo felt cheap and amateurish and the new management wanted to replace it with something more powerful. 

The initial designs that I did for the brand were intentionally closer to the original version. The approach was in response to statements that further deviation would not be received well by the CEO of Caption Colorado. 

After the Amplify Video crew tossed the newer version of the brand around the office for a while I was asked if I would create a version that I thought felt was strong. 

I took a while to digest the elements of their product that were of critical importance. Being as Caption Colorado is a broadcast captioning company, and that Amplify Video deals with the playback of online video, I thought that combining the captioning chevron > and the play triangle icon would be a strong statement. I combined those elements with the textual design of the name and came up with several variations that I thought worked well.