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This project is ongoing and continues to evolve. Originally, this was supposed to be a transition website for an existing scuba dive shop, but it ultimately shifted into its own online retail entity. The initial concept was to establish the 5280 Scuba brand and then roll the brick-and-mortar store under the new brand. Since its inception, the 5280 Scuba owners have vacillated between the initial plan and the idea of keeping the different entities separate. I keep pushing for a unified brand but my clients are afraid that they may loose their existing customer base.

The website design itself is a clean, database driven, dynamic website with a CMS (Content Management System) back end. I built the entire site from scratch, starting by sitting with my clients and discussing their initial needs. The site includes SEO friendly URLs and is built around a dynamic, single page. The plan had been to incorporate an ecommerce aspect once the core site went live.
I started by building Photoshop Comps for my clients to approve. Once the core design had been signed off on I transitioned the design into a HTML and CSS template. From there I built the databased and started coding the PHP, JQuery, AJAX, and MySql.


5280 Scuba - Rough Comp With Product Detail

5280 Scuba - Rough Comp Illustrating Top Nav

After the initial development of the site I was asked by my client to roll the existing functionality of this site into a re-branding of their Coral Key Scuba website. Although the existing content and new design (CSS) rolled over rather seamlessly, the Coral Key Scuba website is still being hosted on a development server awaiting a content update by my clients. 

The latest development in this project was the initiative to seek out a pre-baked system that will allow for full blown inventory management and POS (Point of Sale) system across several brick-and-mortar stores as well as supporting a complete inventory of online-only products.

Regardless of what happens with this project, the site that I built is dynamic enough that it can be reused for any of my future clients without too much reconfiguration. 
Some of the key administrative features that I have built are:

The contact form for stores the contact request in the database as well as texting and emailing any administrator who has chosen to be notified.
Administrators can invite additional administrators and assign them differing levels of access through the roles-based back-end access.
The ability to add, edit, and manage pages, categories, and sub-categories.
The ability to turn any content on and off.
The ability to determine which navigation links appear in.
The ability to upload and manage hero and thumbnail images for the pages
The ability to assign categories to different pages.
The ability to assign sub-categories to different categories or directly to pages
The ability to have hidden pages
The ability to specify the URL for SEO purposes
The ability so specify time based display for any content on the website.
The ability to re-order the content on the site.
There are many more functions that have been built and many more that I plan to build, should this project continue towards a standalone solution.

5280 Scuba - Category List Page